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Review paper in

50-th year of publ. of Crystal Research and Technology 52 (2017)1-15:

"Dislocation patterning and bunching in crystals and epitaxial layers"



New Edition:

Handbook of Crystal Growth, Elsevier 2015, Eds: T. Nishinaga (Vol 1a,b), P. Rudolph (Vol. 2a,b), T. Kuech (Vol. 3a,b), see below



Lecture courses on crystal growth fundamentals and defects at

North-Western Polytechn Univ in Xi'an  and Nat. Key Lab ASIC at Hebei Semicond. Res. Inst in Shijiazhuang (China), October 08-15, 2017


JSPS Invitational Fellowship

including lecture courses at Tohoku University in Senai (Japan) from September 20 until October 20, 2018.

Rudolph, Dislocation Patterning... CRT 52 (2017) 1
Rudolph Dislocation patterning Review CR[...]
PDF-Dokument [2.1 MB]
Flyer HB Vol II
Flyer HB of CG Vol II.pdf
PDF-Dokument [431.8 KB]
Fundamentals and engineering of defects - a review
Rudolph Defect Engineering.pdf
PDF-Dokument [3.6 MB]
640 kg mc-Si under TMF
640 kg TMF final printed.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.7 MB]
TMF Efficiency at crystallization
Dropka et al. JCG_efficiency.pdf
PDF-Dokument [2.8 MB]
Influence of travelling magnetic fields on S–L interface shapes of materials with different electrical conductivities
Dropka TMF in various materials.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.2 MB]
Numerical analysis of the influence of ultrasonic vibration on crystallization processes.
Ubbenjans, Ultrasonic vibration.pdf
PDF-Dokument [565.6 KB]
Characterization of mc-Si solidified in TMF
Kiessling G1 JCG.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.4 MB]
Rectangular Cz crystals
Jap. J. Crystal Growth galley manuscript[...]
PDF-Dokument [3.9 MB]
Numerical modelling of Czochralski growth of quadratic silicon crystals by means of a travelling magnetic field
Miller rectangular Cz.pdf
PDF-Dokument [609.6 KB]
Verfahren zur Durchmischung von elektrisch leitenden Schmelzen bei Kristallisationsprozessen [Method for mixing of electrically conducting melts during processes of crystallization].
Mischung DE102008027359B4.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.2 MB]
Verfahren und Anordnung zur Herstellung von Kristallblöcken hoher Reinheit und dazugehörige Kristallisationsanlage
DE 10 2010 028 173.pdf
PDF-Dokument [754.2 KB]
Kristallisationsanlage und Kristallisationsverfahren zur Herstellung eines Blocks aus einem Material, dessen Schmelze elektrisch leitend ist.
PDF-Dokument [916.0 KB]